Take a sip

OMG! If this is what NOURISHING by body looks like I am in!

This is a little bit naughty, and oh-so-nice combination of berries & coconut, tastes like decadence in a glass.

A colourful low carb, high fat smoothie will fill you up till lunchtime. I love it!! 

Find the recipe for the Decadent Berry & Coconut Protein Smoothie in the blog and you can pick up the best protein powder in the shop.

Make sure you get enough PROTEIN, it's a game changer

Consuming enough protein every day helps the body to build and repair. Training hard without balanced nutrition is a bit like driving a car on empty and expecting top performance on fumes .. 


Our bodies work hard to deal with toxins in our environment, such as air pollution, water pollution, contaminants in food and naturally occurring toxic compounds found in the food we eat. Supporting our detoxification and digestive systems through good nutrition and supplementation can make a big difference in how well we feel. 

Ready to take the first step?

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No Limits .. Just Results

I don't know about you but I want to live my healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled life at this stage of my existence. We all experience the challenges life brings, we all have to navigate these and no matter what, life goes on regardless, time passes and we don't ever get it back.

I believe we have the power to create our best lives through these choices, they have a direct impact on how we show up.

When we focus on the things we can control and follow the step-by-step holistic approach, we experience transformation in more than one area of life.

When we concentrate on taking care of the fundamentals and follow a road map the healthy, happy midlife we dream of begins right here.

Let's THRIVE in Menopause

When we take care of our NUTRITION, TRAINING and RECOVERY and take the time to REFRAME , our menopause journey looks and feels different. These simple changes have an impact on the way we view ourselves and the direction we are moving in becomes clear as we reinvent ourselves at this incredible time of life.



Taking care of NUTRITION is the key to achieving results. Stepping off the scales, eating mindfully and ultimately taking control of health and wellness. This underpins everything we do and sets us up to THRIVE!



Training at the right intensity and volume are the two most important factors to consider, we use resistance training, flexibility, mobility and cardio to achieve this. Become more resilient with a strong body and mind.



Our lifestyle factors play a massive part in how well we cope with the symptoms of peri-menopause, getting enough sleep, recovering well and managing stress all contribute to a body that functions and copes.



The way we view the world and our place in it has a huge impact on how we show up, kindness, gratitude and taking the time to reflect are all key elements of our practice. Calm, steadfast and ready to face the day.

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It is critical to establish good habits around the following 5 Rules.

Without doing so it becomes that much more challenging to navigate hormone flux and all that this time of life brings.

I talk about how important it is to take care of yourself first, and how to manage your inputs. This is so your output can be 100%

Best place to start is right here ..



The first step to wellness is taking care of what you put into your body. It’s also the first step of my 5 pillar approach and what I want to share here.

Many of my clients don’t eat enough food and wonder why they are not losing weight .. there are many reasons this could be the case, but a good place to start is to eat what your body needs and not to starve yourself ..

Eating the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats every day will ensure that the body is nourished and will function at its best, this includes shedding unnecessary body fat ..

The first step we take is to establish how much food is being consumed VS what is needed and make a few tweaks from there.

The best thing to do is to track what you are eating in an app like My Fitness Pal and gather some data .. figure out what you are eating every day.


TRAIN (hard or remain the same)

The second pillar I teach .. vitally important for us as we age.

Training at the right intensity helps us to take care of our metabolism and building muscle is key.

This means committing yourself to be active most days and lifting weight. Women ask me why they are not losing weight, especially because they are not eating a lot and doing lots of cardio ..

This combination of things will never work! Sorry girls The key is resistance training ..

We support this process by nourishing the body and getting enough rest .. find out about how I can help you by completing my form. https://forms.wix.com/f/6972126229554004101


Did someone say wine-o-clock .. ding ding

The third pillar I teach is to hydrate But what does that mean to you ?? And what should we be drinking in order to hydrate the body adequately .. HYDRATE

Drinking 2-3 litres of water a day won’t turn you into a fish, but will help your body flush toxins

Everything functions better when we are hydrated.

Take care of this by drinking 2 large glasses of water on waking, we are most dehydrated in the morning, so an easy thing to do.


If not enough then consider how you can introduce more to your day.

My strategy is to drink 1 litre on waking .. yes I need to pee in 30 mins but that's part of the process .. throughout the day, I then drink another 2 litres and boom !! done


Studies are showing us that we need to take 43% of our day out to rest and recover .. this means sleep plus decompression.

A walk in nature, mediation, yoga, a soak in a warm bath ..

Prioritising recovery is the key to your ability to step up and be your best self , taking this time will not only support physical fitness but also mental health creating a general sense of well-being.

How many hours of sleep do you get every night? Subtract this from 11 hours (43%) and plan in the balance.

If we don't do this, we carry a deficit to the weekend or to our next holiday .. ever slept for days when you go on holiday?? .. this is why .. consider what you can do to allow adequate rest and recovery every day.


YES !! Start from the top ..

I talk about the 5 Pillars that underpin my approach, which all contribute to taking control of your health and wellness.

Simple to follow :






1 > As simple as repeating these steps every day ..

  • Plan your Nutrition
  • Schedule exercise
  • Hydrate throughout the day
  • Recover properly and
  • Repeat

2 > My 5 pillar approach to taking care of yourself .. write them down, plan them in and boom!

3 > Let me know how you do ..

Taking the first step ...

The idea of menopause can sometimes send us into a flat spin, some mourn the idea of not being able to conceive a child again, and some fear getting older, losing youthfulness and vitality. The sense of loss can be overwhelming and I hear you. But, what if I told you that embracing this time of life is a gift to us? A perfect opportunity to reevaluate life, our health and wellness and what is important to us at this stage, our relationships, career choices and everything in between.

This is why The GODDESS Academy Community is the place to hang out with women experiencing the same stage of life, trying to find balance and live life to the full.

Start right here, join the Menopause Solution Group on Facebook and start your journey to THRIVE in MENOPAUSE - figure out what you need to do to take control of your health and wellness and watch everything else fall into place.

The important thing is just to start.