How A Single Word Can Change Your Life

How A Single Word Can Change Your Life

It is the time of year we start to plan the next 12 months, perhaps making a few new years resolutions and if not resolutions intentions for the year ahead.

We usually begin with taking a retrospective view of the last 12 months, maybe experiencing feelings of melancholy at the end of yet another busy year, maybe feeling a bit low and depressed about a lack of action over the past 12 months, the months just flew by and didn’t quite go as planned or maybe we were all stuck dealing with a global pandemic ... maybe feeling totally stoked about what you have achieved in just 12 months! Either way its a valuable exercise and well worth the time.

Ever said that this is MY year! I’m going to …

  • look after me this year
  • spend more time with my friends and family
  • have more fun
  • earn more money
  • lose that stone that’s been hanging around for too many years …

And then done it?  Very few … in fact around 5% of us actually do what we have intended to do.

So instead of making the typical new years resolutions, I wanted to share a slightly different perspective on this. 

The exercise is focused on finding your word of the year.

Word-of-the-Year has become a game-changer for me and I have done this exercise for the last few years, so here goes. I discovered it through Christine Kane, she is the CEO and founder of a coaching company called Uplevel You. 

In essence, we choose one word that resonates with us and we make it our word of the year. The word becomes a source of inspiration and something that will bring your objectives back into focus when you are struggling.

… here’s the thing.

Choosing a word isn’t magic. Obviously, results won’t just happen because we pick a word and then sit back waiting for things to happen … the word to choose is the word that brings energy to our situation we allow it to guide to take action.

We choose the word … one word … but how?

Ok so let’s say you want to make a resolution to lose 20 kilo's and change jobs next year. If you think about your reasons why, you may recognise that you’ve been scared to look for another job because there might not be something out there, and maybe you’ve been eating your feelings and fears.

So, instead of making that resolution, you would choose the word “courage.” Courage then becomes what guides you. Each day you focus on that word. When you don’t want to go to the gym you motivate yourself with your word. “Courage.”

You say it aloud to remind yourself. And you go because learning how to not be scared of change is exciting to you. The word then builds on itself. You might decide to take a yoga class even though the skinny yoga girls have always scared you. You might find that you have a little more energy with each new thing you try.

Maybe this energy motivates you to call an old colleague and let her know you are looking for another job. Courage becomes the guiding force, not the harsh standard.

So here goes … the idea is to choose a word that resonates with you.

Here is a list of possible words, see if one stands out for you. Just choose one.

Love, Clarity, Freedom, Compassion, Gratefulness, Change, Creativity, Generosity, Courage, Appreciation, Power, Certainty, Growth, Development, Abundance, Longevity, Kindness, Focus, Presence, Health, Wealth, Knowledge, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Hope, Happiness, Fun, Resourceful, Peace, Wisdom, Patience, Trusting, Release, Revive, Grace, Humour, Adventure, Friendship, Laughter, Awareness, Gentleness, Healing, Action, Persuasion, Discipline, Open-Minded, Accepting, Joyful, Exploring, Discovery, Unwrapping, Beauty, Respect, Self-Awareness, Openness, Visionary.

Have you got one?

Then hold it in your mind …

What is yours? Feel free to share in the GODDESS Academy Insiders Facebook Group or simply comment here.

Mine is LONGEVITY .. 

And head on over to the discovery tool that Christine has designed it’s awesome & really useful !! I have downloaded the PDF for you so click the image.

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