STUCK indoors with BAAAAD habits?

STUCK indoors with BAAAAD habits?

We are living in a crazy time at the moment. Lockdown life is challenging.

Everyone I chat to about how they are feeling can't wait for things to get back to normal .. the question is what does that look like exactly? What will normal be... 

Well, I have got to the point where being a little out of action has held me back long enough and I am on a mission to create an ideal life despite lockdown. 

The first step for me was to clean my habits and get my health back on track .. bye-bye to afternoon glasses of wine and chocolate bar or take away doughnut from my local coffee shop. All that is wonderful and self-medication and helping us feel a bit better ... but is it? 

Not only do we put on weight as a result, we feel bloated and sluggish and lacklustre. 

Living in trackie bottoms and big jumpers ... hiding inside baggy clothes ... has an impact on our sense of self-worth and wellbeing.

So here is a challenge for next week .. 

1 | Get up early

2 | Get dressed properly

3 | Do your hair and make-up 

4 | Chat with at least one friend a day 

5 | Head to your local greengrocer and pick up some fresh fruit and veggies

6 | Start getting 10000 steps in a day

7 | Drink 2-3 litres of water a day

8 | Get 7 hours of sleep ...

Doable ... ?? ...

Download my HEALTHY HABITS starter kit and DISCOVER my top 5 habits that bring health & wellness in the little things you do every day ...

  • Healthy Habit #1: Hydrate First
  • Healthy Habit #2: Break ' fast
  • Healthy Habit #3: Get ActiveHealthy
  • Habit #4: Be Kind To Yourself
  • Healthy Habit #5: Get Enough Sleep


So there you have it.
And now there is an IMPORTANT next step you need to take.

When I see people struggle with this it, it breaks my heart because it makes healthier living so much harder than it needs to be ... and during that time it can cost you in so many ways .. in time, money and the stress of not enjoying life. And it all comes down to is the understanding that healthy habits build on each other... it’s not just about what you eat. And it’s definitely not about depriving yourself and taking away all of the things you love or going on a crazy diet that makes you feel rubbish.

It’s about establishing your own perfect Health Habit.
Figuring out what serves YOU most.
In other words. .. you don’t have to follow a diet. Most people spend ALL their time following fads that may lead to burning out, instead of discovering lifelong enjoyable habits that work for them. Establishing your perfect Health Habit is the single most important thing you can do to create a healthy lifestyle that you not only love but one that makes you feel most happy!

And that is what The CHALLENGE is all about ... change your habits in 21 days ...
So what I want to do right now, because you’ve taken the time to read this blog is to give you even more FREE education & downloads, when you join the CHALLENGE.
(Hurry though, this offer is ONLY available for a limited time and goes away forever soon.)

JOIN THE CHALLENGE .. and you’ll get all of this, for FREE! 
- The PDF of the quick start program guide, for The CHALLENGE, hot off the press
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How does that sound? 

If you would like to learn more about The GODDESS Academy come and join our Insiders Group on Facebook, looking forward to seeing you there. 


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