Apples, Almonds and Aniseed

Apples, Almonds and Aniseed

You can add a dollop of yoghurt here if you fancy it.


1 sliced Granny Smith Apple,

½ cup of Raw Almonds,

1 tbsp of Manuka Honey,

Salt flakes

Aniseed / Cinnamon

This dessert is heaven to me!

Soak the almonds for an hour or so beforehand, this changes the texture of the nut and keeps it soft when you cook it. Heat a frying pan and add the nuts, the honey, the salt, and the aniseed/cinnamon. Once the nuts are coated add the apple.

I find the apple best just seared, still firm and almost cold inside.  Remove from heat and serve. You can add a dollop of live or soya yoghurt here if you fancy it. Heaven!

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