Pistachio and Fig Salad

Pistachio and Fig Salad

This salad was one I made for a BBQ we had recently, it was gone in a flash!

Note to self … make double next time – lol

You will need:
200g shelled pistachios
2-3 tbsp of a natural sweetener, I used date syrup
2 punnets of fresh figs
100g feta – optional

To caramelise the pistachios, place them into a warm pan and allow them to brown slightly, then add the sweetener and coat well, remove from the heat and lay directly onto your serving platter to cool.  Then wash the figs and top and tail them, cutting them into quarters, lay them out on a baking tray and grill until they soften, remove from the grill and layer on top of the pistachios.  Cube the feta and sprinkle on top of the mixture.
I added some fresh mint leaves to the top.

To veganise, use vegan cheese or try my recipe for soya paneer.

Enjoy X

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