What Alison has to say ..

What Alison has to say ..

I have so much love for this lady, she has an incredibly strong drive to be the best she can be and inspite of immense heartbreak and huge shift in her personal circumstances she showed up, got through her workouts and proved her resilience from one session to the next. She is such an inspiration to me. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know her and I am so grateful she is in my life.

This is her story ;

I first met Colette through attending a seminar she had organised on the menopause. I was in need of losing at least 2.5 stone and was fairly fit on CV equipment but my muscle strength/tone was very poor.

I had been a member of my gym for a number of years on and off and exercised through walking my dogs and only swimming. I had used the main exercise gym in the past but not for many years and was quite reticent about any formal CV or strength and conditioning programme.

Colette immediately put me at ease in the gym. She is an extremely kind and supportive person who listened to my personal needs regarding weight loss and overall fitness and tailored my programme accordingly.

She has also been an incredible personal support to me, motivating and supporting me not only physically but also emotionally as exercising usually leads to a mixture of these two elements.

In particular, Colette has been a tower of strength as I've dealt with the death of of husband in the last year, tailoring my workouts in line with how I've felt both physically and spiritually.

She has great empathy with regard to the needs of women, particularly those approaching or in the throws of the menopause. Her role as a personal trainer has not only covered workouts but also a wealth of advice and information on all aspects of exercise, health, wellbeing and good eating habits as well as the importance of women being confident, strong individuals who believe in themselves.

The best result I have got from working with Colette is a great friendship but also weight loss, increased muscle tone/strength. I couldn't limit it to one!

Going forward regular exercise, improved eating habits and greater confidence in my physical and mental strength/wellbeing are the skills I'm putting into practise.

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