What Helen has to say ..

What Helen has to say ..

When I met Helen, she said she felt weak, that she had a lack of muscle, she is menopausal, confused and intimidated by the gym and the equipment.

This is her story :

I thought a personal trainer might be intimidating, impatient and lack understanding of an older weaker body with a chronic pain condition.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Colette in the gym. She was always reliable, punctual and adaptable. Listening to what I needed and wanted to achieve.

The conversations around the menopause were really helpful.

The programme that I continue to use was so helpful to me. I now feel confident to be in the gym and using the equipment. My pain condition isn’t such a hinderance as I thought thanks to your help and empathetic approach.

There’s a lot more than one best result but if I had to choose, it would be that I feel confident about going in the gym, using the machines and being around other gym users but not feeling pathetic!

Thanks Colette!

I love hearing stories like these, you are amazingly brave Helen. I love seeing you in the gym doing your thing, you are one of us now :-) 

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