What Jenna has to say ..

What Jenna has to say ..

I met Jenna when she was around 1 year postpartum after having her second child, she was on her way to full recovery and was doing some yoga and running and had decided that as soon as she was ready she was going to start weight training.

This is her story ..

My mum has osteoporosis and I learnt that resistance training particularly weights would help my bone density and be a good insurance policy against deterioration. It was all about gaining strength and feeling strong after childbirth.

My sister had a PT and found it really helpful in tackling new forms of exercise. I was planning to just do a few months of sessions to get me “set up” and then save money and train by myself. Needless to say a year later I’m still seeing Colette once a week! Not because I have to, but because I want to!

It’s been great working with her. She took photos and measurements when we started and throughout the process. For me it wasn’t about losing weight but even I’ve been surprised at the subtle changes working with Colette has resulted in.

My body is leaner, my posture is better, rather than just being skinny. I look and feel healthier! It’s also been great fun as Colette is a fountain of information and advice beyond the confines of exercise.


The best result I have got from the whole experience is becoming a person who has incorporated regular exercise and strength training into their lifestyle. A true habit for life!


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