What Molly has to say ..

What Molly has to say ..

Molly is an absolute pleasure to work with, not only is she willing to have a go at exercises she has never done with me, she then follows up on her own. She has gone from strength to strength and I have no doubt will continue to form some very positive habits around exercise and nutrition going forward.

This is her story :

I have been trying to lose weight for a couple years now, but my progress had stalled and I was struggling with focus in the gym and with my training. Id lost interest in the process.

I was nervous I'd be overwhelmed with all the changes I needed to make in order to make progress. Also that I’d be rubbish in the gym!

I’m only 6 weeks in but it’s been great! I’ve gained so much confidence in the gym, and loved the focus my new programme has given me for both steps and nutrition.

If I hit all my targets I feel like I’ve had such a productive day, and I love that. Colette is so supportive and has made it so easy!

I feel so much stronger! The scales haven’t dropped drastically, but I love seeing my progress lifting heavy weights, and feeling healthier in general. Thank you! 🫶🏻

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