What Sam has to say ..

What Sam has to say ..

When I met Sam, and she showed me her curiosity, willingness to give things a go and determination to push hard I knew she was going to do brilliantly.

This is her story :

Before we started working together I was not confident in the gym, I tended to stick to a bit of cardio and a couple of weight machines. I was stuck in a rut, and didn’t really enjoy going to the gym. This meant I wasn’t seeing much benefit which made me even less enthusiastic.

I was a bit nervous about PT as a concept as aware I would be pushed out of my comfort zone !!

The process of working with Colette can be described in one word – awesome !! She pushed me when she could but also backed off when I struggled which really helped motivate me. The variety of exercises was fantastic, even if I didn’t enjoy all of them 😊

The one best result from working with Colette so far has been in my confidence in the gym so I now go regularly.

I am now making the gym part of my weekly routine especially weight training which I really enjoy. Also making sure I push myself rather then just take it easy !! I also really enjoyed our chats about nutrition and am constantly looking at ways to improve my food choices.

All very positive stuff and the foundations are now set for the key habits that bring continual results. These are Nourishment, Training, Recovery and the Reframe.


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