I was not being kind to myself at all!

I was not being kind to myself at all!

I had just finished teaching my 16th class for the week and was feeling knackered, my body and my mind were exhausted. I felt like I needed to hide away somewhere and recharge, to withdraw into my shell like a good little crab. The only problem is that I still had another class to teach and 3 clients to see that day alone, forget about the rest of the week ... 20+ classes, 15 clients ... it's no wonder I had no time!

So I knew I had to get a quick coffee down the hatch and a protein bar in while I set up my next class and boom! had to be back on it - this is what worked for me. On the outside, I was on form, a true fitness professional, on the inside I was burning out!

Interacting with clients and motivating, encouraging them to do more to have fun ... developing that connection we work so hard to build ... this is one of the skills we learn as instructors, connection with the people in front of us, helping them to progress no matter where they are at.

While rewarding to see individuals progressing at the end of a week of giving of ourselves its all too common that we have nothing left and simply start to burnout.

I would get home after teaching my final triple on a Sunday and not want to talk to anyone, see anyone or move. I would inadvertently have a shower, put on my trackies and slippers and crash in front of the TV. Not a good look or a fun way to connect with my hubby and friends. I just had nothing left.

A totally empty cup which as we all know and experience from time to time is not good.

When I took time out to recharge it was usually when I had burned out or on holiday. And each time I did this I realised how utterly exhausted I really was. As soon as I found myself going through the motions and dramatically lacking energy I knew it was time to take a breather.

Then, of course, the holiday snaps come out and while I knew I had a well-deserved break I was never happy with what I saw reflected back at me.

Never feeling proud of my figure, always wanting more for my life, feeling like I was failing with my own health and fitness and knowing that I had to take control and take care of me.

I had a moment of stark realisation one afternoon when I was walking my dogs, it was late in the day and the woods were deserted. Not sure why my mind took me to this place, but I realised that if anything were to happen to me, firstly my dogs weren't the best guard dogs, fail on that score, and if I needed to run, I simply didn't have the strength left in my legs, I was too tired and fatigued to even try.

It was the moment I realised that I was capable of being kind to everyone else, generous, patient, full of positivity and yet so incredibly incapable of being kind to me!

Suddenly the shell that I wanted to hide away in, just didn't feel big enough! and I realised I was investing my time and energy in all the wrong places.

It was time to slow down, give myself the space I needed to take care of me and be KIND! When I started to get the balance right, my life started to change. 

I lost weight! I felt better about myself. I started prioritising spending time doing the things that I loved. Taking care of myself first was something I had to learn to do.

This is one of the fundamental lessons we learn as part of the GODDESS Academy Tribe, something the ladies that work through my programs learn to put into practice.

And you know what .. its when they start to get this right that things change .. 

To find out more about how being part of the tribe can help you, download my CREATE MOMENTUM Action Plan and do the work.

See you on the inside :- ) 

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