Protein Mug Cake

Protein Mug Cake

This is perfect protein food for a hungry day and I’ve been having plenty of those recently with my competition prep well underway. So this recipe is inspired by my lovely coach Steph who has me on the straight and narrow #fittsister

I have I think managed to find a mix of ingredients that are nutritious, high in protein and a combination I like enough to eat most days . Even Nancy and Alex got to savour it and it went down well ! To say this mug cake is ‘filling’ is an understatement so be prepared to feel full and satisfied.

To make one mug cake you will need:

A microwave proof mug – add

1 tbsp chia seeds, plus 3tbsp filtered water – stir well and allow to settle – once the mixture has become gelatinous – add

25g protein powder, I use Pure Form Fitness Vanilla

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp chilli powder (if you like heat)

1tsp cinnamon powder mixed with stevia (1/2 and 1/2 is delicious)

And mix well with approx 90ml water or oat/almond/soya milk

The consistency should be like a thick batter

Pop the mixture into the microwave on high for 1min 30 and keep an eye on it making sure it doesn’t overspill.

Remove from oven, stir and repeat for the same time until the mixture starts to look like cake 🙂 this can take a few goes so be patient. I like mine less gloopy so I usually cook it 3 times and then lightly stir in

1tbsp peanut butter – use whichever nut butter you prefer – cashew / almond / hazelnut all delicious

And cook one final time before (might need to allow it to cool first) devouring 😚

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