Body Reform Clients ..

Body Reform Clients ..

Read what Sheetal has to say ...

Having previously undertaken Colette’s detox programme a few years ago, which was a simple to follow four-week programme, I knew that this would be somewhat similar, however, the onus was on me to be fully committed to the programme in order to ensure I got the best results I could. I had to manage my schedule for four weeks to make time for my sessions with Colette twice a week. Although initially it was hard to see where I would find the time it became very achievable due to my drive to get back on track! The more dedicated you are to the programme the easy it is to follow.

What was your result? At the end of four weeks I had lost 14cm in total over my body and 3.2% body fat, which is equivalent to 2.32kg of fat! And this is just the start for me…..

Did you have any reservations? Absolutely Not with regards to getting results as I knew that whatever Colette had designed was bound to work, but I had reservations mentally with regards to admitting to myself that I needed the help to get back on track. I was upset at myself for losing control in the first instance when I was doing so well physically and expected to be at a much better place than I was.

What was the one big thing you learned? There were actually a couple of things that I learnt 1) Setting goals REALLY helps to drive motivation – setting milestones helps to keep you motivated and also makes you strive to be even better as well as hold you accountable if you don’t reach them! 2) The balance of macronutrients I need to be eating at each mealtime to keep my body happy!

What principle will you continue to follow going forward? The main principle I will continue to follow going forward apart from the 80% nutrition 20% exercise is Good Mental Health = Good Physical Health. Being positive, having a can-do attitude and making time for yourself mentally has a huge impact on your physical well-being.

Working with Colette is always a great experience! She understands the need to keep programmes simple to fit into peoples daily lives. She is very committed and supportive in helping you achieve results. Having her on my side made the whole process of getting back on track easier and I am determined more than ever to continue and strive for even more fat loss! Thanks Colette!!!

Read what Bhamina has to say …

What was your situation before you started working with me?

I had already lost 2 stones myself after the birth of my second child following learning from previous programmes Colette ran for me (Detox and Ab Attack) both from a diet and exercise perspective. However, after hitting a bit of a wall and seeing Colette’s amazing transformation I had to try iLipo!

What reservations (if any) did you have about working with me before?

The only reservation I had was living up to Colette’s expectations :). It was extremely evident when my diet had not been as clean as it could have! However, this just acted as more of a motivator for me and made me more determined to reach my new goal.

What has the process of working with me been like?

I’ve worked with Colette a number of times now and I’ve always got phenomenal results. This has been my best result to date and as usual even more educational and enlightening than the last.

What is the one best result you have got from working with me?

I have got my body back – I haven’t been this size since 2003 and this time I’ve done it the right way and know how I will maintain it.

Thanks Colette for everything once again:) x

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