What Jennifer has to say ..

What Jennifer has to say ..

When I asked Jennifer for some feedback on her experience of working with me, this is what she said.

Before working with Colette I had just finished cancer treatment - including major surgery and chemotherapy - my body and hormones were all over the shop. Still, I knew I needed to get back into improving my well-being to reduce cancer recurrence risk and to feel stronger and more like myself.

I was a little intimidated because she's so well respected and loved by everyone in the club, it made me worried that I was so out of shape I'd not be able to keep up or commit to a programme and she'd drop me.

The process of working with Colette has been tremendous. She is an inspiring woman - from day 1 she took the time to get to know me, my health history, concerns, and goals to shape a programme suited to me. She's patient and on days when I'm too tired or have low energy she matches my vibe and selects exercises that get the job done without breaking my spirit :)

I'm much more confident using the equipment and doing workouts on my own as well. The benefit goes beyond just working out - she's becoming a friend and it's been a joy to get to know her personally too. We often swap stories and recommendations for books, podcasts, recipes, and supplements. She's super supportive and a joy to work with - it motivates me to stay focused and persevere.

The best result that I have had so far is that I'm back in the gym on a regular schedule and feel stronger all around.

As a result I'll be more consistent with going to the gym and following a workout plan. And continue to push myself even if it's not necessarily an enjoyable exercise in the moment! :)

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