What Lindsey has to say ..

What Lindsey has to say ..

I would highly recommend working with Colette if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity. I found her energy and passion to be just what I needed in my life!

I met Colette during a particularly difficult time in my life and her sessions had a huge impact on my mental health. Colette supported me to achieve way beyond my initial goals and I would never have believed I could do the exercises she put in the plan but little by little I got stronger and started believing in myself more.

Her plan was focussed and tailored to me. It was very achievable too and built gradually each week It also never got boring as Colette keeps things varied, challenging and fun!!

We laughed a lot during out sessions and it was just the medicine I needed! By the end of our time together my goals had changed to focus more on how I was feeling rather than a number that I needed to hit and I became someone who is now consistent and focussed with my exercise habits!

Before working with Colette I found the gym to be a very intimidating place! I mainly just used the treadmill for fear of embarrassing myself trying to work the other machines. I exercised regularly but wasn't getting any results.

From previous personal trainers I had worked with my fear was the plan would not be tailored to my specific needs and that it would be all talk but no results and just a lot of repetition.

Working with Colette has been Life changing. I got so much more from our sessions than I expected. She was the first trainer to even take my measurements. I started to desperately look forward to our one hour a week. It was my ‘me’ time and I knew it would be challenging and hard but that I would feel a sense of achievement when I left.

I came in hoping to lose weight but I left feeling strong both physically and mentally. I felt like Colette really listened and truly cares about her clients. I found her to be very inspiring and motivating.

What I loved the most is how much the plan changed over time to keep me interested and there was a plan for the days I wasn't seeing her which I never got with my previous personal trainers. My confidence in the gym grew to the point I started trying classes that I would not have dared to try before.

The one best result I got apart from the body transformation was self belief and pushing past my own limiting beliefs. I eventually stopped focusing on my weight and just enjoyed feeling good in myself and feeling strong.

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