What Rhona has to say ..

What Rhona has to say ..

This is Rhona's story ..

Before we started working together I felt as though I had been on a long slide, as far as my fitness and well being were concerned, that was out of my control. I had put on weight gradually since I had my children and had no strategies that worked to reverse what seemed to be happening to my body. I talked about needing to lose weight all the time, went to the gym and cycled often, but felt like I was turning into a very matronly and miserable middle aged woman!!

My main reservations about committing to working with you were that I would fail my side of the bargain…and that it just might not work!

The process has been perfect for me. i.e. predictable, accessible and confidential….so that I felt ” safe” to give it a go. You didn’t make me feel stupid for trying!!

The best result has been my ongoing change in body shape and the fact that I did reach all of my goals.I have dropped two dress sizes and weigh what I did 15 years ago!!

All summed up yesterday, when I met someone again at work for the first time in 2 months. His first words to me were ” you’ve got smaller” and as these were words from someone who can’t say much, following his Stroke, they were worth even more!!

Thank you, Rhona

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